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from Myrna
Here are the slides and notes from the opening plenary Reaching Every Student by Reaching Every Educator

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I really like the line reach every student by reaching every educator. This was a good overview. I am not sure that folks understood all the piloting that has been going on with both math and literacy this fall. That might have been more explicit so that people understand how much of a grassroots effort the growing part of gains really is. Otherwise, it seems too theoretical to really grasp and to really visualize within one's own context. I have had feedback from my own board to that regard. If they didn't know that we were already involved, they would have tended to shy away from the principles of GAINS because it does come across very theoretical. It is hard to relate to struggling learners who are the real target of this systemic intervention with some of the theory and research upon which it is based. Maybe there needs to be more building of bridges between the theory/research and the practical application within the classroom. S. Roberts, Upper Grand