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Tuesday morning | Tuesday Afternoon | Wednesday Morning

Tuesday morning

M1 Lesson Study: Live and Video-streamed Observation

M2 Refining and Aligning Assessment Practices: Collaborative Development of Tasks and Scoring of Student Work

M3 Implementing Technology to Increase Engagement and Understanding in Mathematics

I found the varied presentations in this session to be both engaging and relevant. I know for sure that I want to implement some of the ideas regarding the use of the TI N-spire, so it was great to hear what Dwight and Irene did and to know who I can contact for further support :-). Michelle (7-12 Learning Services Consultant)

M4 Professional Classroom Visits: Demonstration, Analysis and Support

The session was informative and practical. Great suggestions about setting up demonstration classrooms and appreciated the assistance information. Session connected directly with one of our own recent initiatives. Classroom video of students was highly effective.

M5 Leading and Linking Through Adobe Connect

Very informative session. Glad to hear that you are preparing to deliver a more in-depth session. A must for potential facilitators.

M6 Literacy Strategies: Clarification and Renewal

too much review; i was hoping to learn something new...

I really enjoyed the Think Literacy Renewal. I think it took courage for the presenters to admit publically what many of us already know deep down inside, that those wonderful documents are just holding up dust on shelves for a lot of people. The honest portrayal of their process in motivating themselves and others to go in and try again was refreshing. I really liked the comment that one presenter made about finding that teachers sometimes use those literacy strategies for student engagement and forget to go deeper with the literacy follow up. I think that is a fine line that we need to be cognizant of. I really got a lot out of that presentation and it has give me new ideas to go back and rethink Think Literacy within my own board. One more important message that struck me was the explicit teaching of these literacy strategies so that students then had a bank of strategies to pull from and use for themselves. Sometimes we think only of these strategies in terms of teaching but ultimately they are for the learners to use to empower selves in literacy. I disagree with the last respondant that we need to learn something new. I think hearing about people's process with this is the clarification that we need to jump start our own renewal of TL. Good job!!!
S. Roberts, Upper Grand DSB

You insightfully noted 3 important aspects of the presentation: the presenters' honesty, intentional use of strategies for literacy development (not just novelty), and development of metacognitive understanding by teachers and students. The presenters also asked an important (not merely rhetorical) question: What tools, resources and professional learning are necessary if we are to engage Ontario educators and students--at all stages of implementation--in going deeper with the strategies?
And if you're already there, how did you get there? And where do you need to go next? Lesley

It was good to hear Think Literacy referenced again. I found Duffy's Nine Steps helpful in gaining perspective and realizing that change takes time. The conversation around how one assesses the impact of their instructional strategies was interesting to me, and I would like further discussion around this. It is always great to hear what is happening in other schools and areas of the province.

Tuesday Afternoon

A1 Examining the Effectiveness of Lesson Study Using Archives

A2 Crossing Borders: Grades and Subjects

I found this to be an excellent presentation! We are in the middle of our first year with a cross panel project and I found the ideas, realities and suggestions extremely helpful. I have already shared a lot of this information with my colleagues. Relevant topics to our school board were: collaboration, transitions, diagnositics for math (I loved the way the presenter demonstrated PRIME skills across grade 7 - 9 and the gaps that have been evident since late primary). Very useful and worthwhile session!

A3 Web 2.0: Harnessing the Power of Blogs, Wikis, RSS Feeds and Social Networking in the Classroom

Please edit the feedback on the Why the Read/Write Web Changes Everything page.
An informative session. Here we are putting what we learned into action!
Unbelievably hands-on and concrete applications to learn and then share!

A4 Math GAINS: Growing System-Level Instructional Leadership

A5 Precision in Practice: The Structure of Questions

exciting possibilities with the rubric, but would have liked to have had a copy of it

You're right: The Mosenthal Taxonomy is a brilliantly integrated synthesis of useful research. It is, however, copyright intellectual property that comes with training. If you're interested in the research, you could check out the following:
Literacy Assessment Tasks by Julian Evetts and Michel Gauthier
SkillPlan resources, e.g. Document Use at Work
Measure Up
Also, stay tuned for Adobe Connect sessions on Question Structure, featuring the video with Michael Hardt and materials developed by Ontario teachers who have been applying their training to their classrooms. Lesley

A6 Intention to Action

Very practical and great handouts to implement strategies. Insightful about collaboration between secondary and elementary panels

Wednesday Morning

M1 Making Effective Instructional Decisions: Linking Materials to Students' Needs

M2 Supporting Administrators as Collaborative Instructional Leaders for Today's Classroom

Good to see cross-pollanization between the different Ministry branches!
Please see pdf for Literacy Indicators, as requested. Lesley

M3 CIIM: Highlighting Promising Practices

M4 Intention to Action

M5 Lesson Study for GAINS in Literacy

interesting, but would have appreciated a copy of the lesson template... specificity re: pilots might have made the presentation more powerful
We would love to supply them, once we have finished our projects. Lesson plans will be available on the EduGains website once the projects are completed. This will include both a three-part lesson plan as well as the Agenda for Change formats.

We should be able to post the template shortly. Also stay tuned for Adobe Connect sessions this spring on the lessons. You will certainly be able to download the template and lessons at that time. Lesley

M6 Literacies for Learning - Developing Agendas for Action

Very informative session - need more time or more opportunities for the items in this area

As with all the sessions, we invite you to identify yourselves and your board so we know who would like to be connected to which project, resources, professional learnining, etc. Lesley